Handyman Club Tester Results for Aero-Flex® Flexible Line Blades
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Product Test Report Synopsis
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Describe your main reasons for either recommending or not recommending the product.
Best Feature(s):
It's super easy to replace the cutters, easy to see your cutting path and makes a really cool noise while rotating! Ease of changing the cutters
If you were using a bump string system, it would be a great alternative.  If you had a head where you replaced 8" pieces, it would not be an improvement. you could see the cutting edge, so it was very easy to cut to the bark of a small tree vs cutting it.
the flex line endures more flexing when hitting hard surfaces quick changing of line blades
Great idea here.  Heavy duty construction of the hub, and the flexible blades make for quick work of trimming chores. Substantial reduction of noise, ease of installation, and flexible blades for both CW and CCW rotation.
It was very easy to convert my trimmer to the Aero-Flex.  I especially liked the colored blades.  They made it easy to do the precise trimming around my trees and fencelines.  The blades are very durable and easy to change as well.  This product will eliminate the hassle and frustration that comes with replacing regular trimmer string. I love the colored blades so the trimming circle could be seen.  Ease of blade replacement.
I would recommend the Aero flex Line Blades because of the durability of the blads they lasted twice as long as regular weed eater string. Also the ease in installing the head was very easy.very simple to change the blades also.  
Broke within 5 min. of use.  The tab that held the cover on and the blades in place broke making it useless.  easy of installation of the device and the blades.  (Had to clip a little plastic to make it fit, but they had a sheet to tell me that.)
It attaches to trimmer with ease. Loading cutter blades is simple and foolproof. It is nice to not having to advance and load trimmer lines frequently. Ease of attaching/replacing blades.
The Aero Flex works well on my light weedeater. I didn't feel any vibration when I uses all 4 lines as I did with the normal string line. I had to cut about 3/4" off each line to keep the trimmer from stalling out at normal speed. I highly recommend the Aero-Flex Kit for all trimmers. 
The head was easy to install. I also like the visability of the line when cutting close to fences and trees.
It is very easy to install and use, but the blades would need to be changed out as often or a little less as a spool would need to be. cuts and can change the blades out to use as a blower.
I do like the product but I think it should be packaged either short or long shaft to save money.  I am not aware of the cost for replacement blades so I have no comment there.  Overall great product though. Blades are strong and the 3 minutes install was awesome
The ease of installation and the bright color of the blades made it easy to see your cutting path , so you were able to come close to plants but not too close . the bright colored blades  
i would recommend this to to anyone why? its easy to put on your weedeater and start working the lawn. the parts wher easy to change when needed.
I weed eated for approximately one hour. In that time I cut grass, woody weeds, and johnson grass. Thr Areo-flex head worked great on all of the grasses/weeds I cut. Once Johnson grass gets taller than 12 inches it becomes difficult to cut with a regular monofiliment line; but with the Aero-flex system I had no problem what so ever cutting the johnson grass. During the time I was cutting if I was using the monofilament line I would have had to reload the line at least twice and refuel at least once. The bright colored lines make it extremely easy to use around delicate flowers and mobile home skirting.
Is a good product cut even in tight spot, and in hevy vegetation. 
Lines blades you have to order and seems for mi that are a litle expeses.
Easy to reload with the new lines
SImple to install and replace blades.  Durable line and easy to change
Ease of installing,(less then 2 minutes). Cutting performance,(Doesn't dig in or wrap around obstacles like string trimmers). Aerodynamics help keep control for a neat trim. Cutting performance. Don't have to keep popping it against the ground to advance more string. I had no problem keeping the trimmer in a straight line trimming along the driveway and flower beds
This was a very easy conversion requiring only one wrench. The cutting blades are easy to install. I am not sure it is a good value priced as it is. The blades do wear and will have to be replaced, the cost of which is unknown by me. I have used the trimmer a couple of times and the blades are showing significant wear already. 4 cutting edges instead of the two that my line head uses. seems to make less noise as well.
Ease of replacing Line Blades, uses less engine power to cut thus using less fuel. I am able tp trim the same area with 1/2 a tank of fuel compaired to a full tank previously. Color Lines permits me to see where the line blade is spinning so I can do precise cut in around flower beds
It was easier to install than winding a spool a twine. Blades take only 30 seconds to replace and blow debris too! My blower gets less use. It really does save gas. Easy blade installation and changes.
the flex line lasted all of 10 minutes cutting tall grass easy loading
I thought the product was well designed, easy to install and no more line tangle. I think $27.95 price is high!  
Tried both blade types and found it works best with one of each.  NO More string reloading!! Being able to change to two different blades for greater versatility
very easy to change the head, in less than 8 min. my stringer was transformed into an excellent edger does the same quality job of a $200.00 edger and does it much quicker
recommending working longer and saveing gass 
The ease of installing the lines is the thing I like most.  It does everything it claimed it would.  I like how it runs on low rpms. ease of installation
  Ease of instillation and use. Excellent cutting ability. The ability to weed-eat at lower trimmer speeds. I WOULD DEFINITELY PURCHASE THEAero-Flex Line Blade Conversion Kit.
retro-fitting the new head was very easy. changing the line blades is much easier and faster than a line spool. it cuts as good or better than regular line. So far it looks like the line blades will last longer than regular line. Being able to see the line blades is a big plus. ease of changing line blades. being able to see line.
Very ez to install,the fact that you can see the blades as you are using them makes the cutting faster easier to work with. 
I am recommending these blades and unit for your lawn trimmer.Thank You for sending this to me.
I like that I was able to only had to use one set of blades for the job and I will use the same blades a few more time, great not to have to replace 3 or 4 time as I did with string.
Easy to install the cutting power is great and the use the blades allow me to get more cuts with less hassle of string tangle. The ability to cut more and use less fuel and less stop to reload and untangle lines.
I recommend due to ease of use quick change of blades
It is easier & quicker to change the line should you have to than changing the traditional line.  I particularly like that it was much quieter than my usual weed cutter line. Easy to change the line
Easy to change out the old system with the Aero-Flex. it took me some time to get the right speed I needed on the trimmer to cut things. After trimming .4 acres with the system, the tips on the lines had some ware on them. Which is way better than the old system I had. On the old system I would have to change the lines x2. I will continue to use the Aero-Flex as long as it performs the same each use.  It holds up very well
The fast and easy conversion of your trimmer to the Aero-Flex Trimming System makes it easy to recommend this product. The best features are the high visibility cutting swath and the ability to operate at low rpm.
I would recommend this product as it is very easy to install. It is also very easy to install the line on the trimer. I think that the manufacture has a great product but I would like to see a heavier line Ease of installation of head and line
The cutters were extreemly easy to install.  The bright color made it easy to see the cutting edge as the Aero Flex spun. EAse of installation and bright color
Installation was easier than I expected.  No more stop and go pulling out more line because it broke. Four cutting strings vs one.  Color of cutters easy to see when whacking.  You can see where and how deep you are cutting.
I live in the Texas hill country where rock and things grows in abundance.  The product lived up to the statement it would take lees gas.  Holy cow! I don't think I ever went past a quarter throttle when cutting around the house.  However, after trimming approximately one acre, I have about 3 3/4 inches left on all four blades.  If I had trimmed all my 2 1/2 acres out of my 5, the blades would be down to a nub.  For people living in the country, it might be beneficial to produce a more thicker blade for use.  However, for the common yard, this is one fantastic product!  Kudos! Not having to tap the feed line!  All four blades cut through the higher grass like a hot knife through butter! As the line feed sometimes sticks and I have to take it apart and re do it, the Mach system eliminates all that!
It did not cut the grass very well because of the blade design.You had to go slower to get a descent cut but it still looked like it shredded the grass and not cut it. Ease of changing blades
I liked the cutting power and the fact that I didn't have to bump the weed eater to get more line out.  So far the line that comes with the kit is standing up to what I need it for. It is super easy to change out the cutting blades for the weed eater.
This is a great product. Very easy to to install and use. I used it to cut down small oak seedlings and it did not damage the blades or the unit. Strength and durability.
It worked well along chain link fences and concrete edges out lasting regular string  
This product is a great alternative to a regular line weed eater. It is convenient and easy to use. The ease with which the flex blades are attached to the head of the weed eater.
conversion was less than 5 min. product feels very firm. test was done on damp grass and thick weeds and performed as advertised. blade changes are quick and simple.  
This product did a lot better than I thought.  I did not think the rounded edges would cut as well as the available line on the market now.  I had a hard time adjusting to slower speed to get the same effect as using higher speed, but it did indeed cut!! I liked being able to run the trimmer at a much slower speed and still get good cutting.  I also liked how easy it is to replace worn out line blades.
Lower throttle speeds mean less vibration and fatigue. Tough, nearly indestructable
I feel the product is pretty good, but it does stall out the fetherlite Weed Eater model. but I took off two of the lines and it seems to really get after it now. Thank you. W. E. Anson easy to install and change line, much more power than the regular line trimming.
Had to order loonger bolt to mount the head to my John Deere trimmer, it did not blow grass and dirt off sidewalk as well as I would like it to.  It is an outatanding trimmer aand dose as advertised. fits most all trimmers,, doesn't catch in chain link fence, easy on gas, as only use lower speed.  Vfery good trimmer
As a Handyman club of America Lifetime member, I strongly recommend the Aero-Flex Line Conversion Kit. Installation of the product was easy, compared to the removal of the last product I installed. The high visability of the Aero-Flex line blades helped me see the angle and where I was cutting. The blade line durability exceeded all four conversion kits I had previously used over the years and the job time was reduced by an least an hour. I was impressed on how well the unit operated from light edging/trimming to the scalping of 4' tall Johnson grass and weeds.         High visibility blade colors 
The ease of blade changing and/or replacement 
ease of installation, durability, fantastic result with use durability
ithis product does a great job . a lot less work to use than factory head. cut my edgeing time by at least one third. the blades hold up well.trimed pond dam and only used one set of blades ease of changeing blades
it is easy to put two gether,even my wife can do it and she is not mechanically incline. easy to out to gether
I recently moved to home that has a large area that is unfit to be cut with a lawnmower.The Aero-Flex system saved me the expense of buying a more powerful trimmer. One set(4) blades last longer than 2 spools of regular trimmer line,with no neeed to bump and feed.Fuel consumption was cut in half. 

increased power and less time spent weedeating
My one acre yard was an extreme test for this product. Lots of stone edging,brick flower beds,concrete walks and chain link fence to trim around. All this really chews up monofilament line. I normally have to refill my trimmer at least once to trim all the way around my yard. I was able to trim all the way around with one set of the aero-flex line blades. There wasn't much left but I was able to trim all the way around with one set of blades. The conversion kit is very easy to install (less than 5 minutes) and it took less time to trim around my yard.
I recommend this product to everyone.  I was very pleased with two cutters, then I placed all four in and was really amazed. The ease of changing the cutters.
I find the Aero-Flex Line Blade Conversion Kit very easy to install.  The cutting blades are very tough.  I used it in high and low grass and was very satisfied with its operation.  My only complaint is the Homelite Trimmer that I have is several years old and it would stop often in tall grass.  As I noticed I need to relearn how to use it as it operates somewhat different than the string one that I am use to.  I look forward to using it in the future for a neater lawn.  Thanks. No string to feed and restringing.  Also, to toughness of the cutting blades.
The instructions were very well put together.  I had no trouble installing this on my weed eater. I like the fact that you can see the line while in use. Not having to wind line onto a spool. the top slips off the Aero-Flex Line slips out and in in a snap and your off and running  great product.
Recommend ease of change from old spool. Also with two color blades much easier to see the actual cutting area of the blades. Visibility of the cutting area with the two colored blades.
I cut through very tall grass with ease. The the Aero-Flex cutters do not tangle or break like mono-filament line does. The flex cutters.  
Before receiving the the Aero-Flex conversion kit I had concernes that the blades could get jammed/stuck on my fence causing trimmer damage. Because these cutters are flexible I have no concern of trimmer damage from the Aero-Flex.
The product went on easy and work good in low grass but when it came to tall weeds it just wraped itself and the weed in a ball, Had to cut the weeds out of the trimmer.  
Product is easy to install; blade colors provide excellent visual reference, blade durabliity was very good compared to monofilament trimmer line; blade design was excellent to provide very good cutting power at idle speed. Blade color provided excellent reference to the end of blade position for better control in tight spots. Blade duribility was very good. Cutting power was excellent with wet fescue grass and very good with traditional weeds and up to 1/8 inch small brush at idle trimmer speed.  
This product works wonderfully on weeds but when used as a lawn edger the blades didnt hold up as well as I thought they would. Understandably though, it was contact with the concrete around my lawn that caused the blade deterioration. Very easy to install and change blades. High visibility allows you to see the cutting blade much easier.
I would recommend this product to a person who would be using this on 1 yard not multiple yards(the cost of replacement lines). Ease of replacing lines.
It took less than 5 minutes to install.  My trimmer had a bit more power due to the light weight design. I didn't have a line feeder on mine, but with this I will be able to go thru 8 to 10 cutting per line set. Being able to see line help not over cut. line durability is great.
so easy to convert to this system, and was very durable blade size, and visibility in use.
The areo-flex change over on my ryobi took less than 2 mins.  The orange color of the blades made it very easy to see how close I was to flowers and bushes so I didn't cut them down.  When I got close to the rocks around the flower beds I thought I would have to change the blades, but when I stopped the head the blades looked like I had just put them on.  I then moved onto some thick weeds that I have steered clear of with my regular string because I have to change the string every 2-3 mins when trimming them, but the aero-flex took them down and kept on cutting.  I ran my trimmer out of gas and the aero-flex blades are ready for more weeds.  Thanks for letting me try this product you have just saved me a lot on trimming string. The change over time, the blade color, and the ease when you do have to change the blades.
This product s very easy to install and use. the lines stay in place without having to woory bout them flying off. You do not have to worry about if you have enough line because it is all still there at the original lenght for many long time uses. ease of use and install
Ease of use, economical, durable, fast cutting and easy on weedeater . Durability of cutters and ease of use.
I cut along a lot of wooden fence and concrete walls which seemed to dull and wear the blades, making trimming slower.  The blades also curled up on the ends.  The blades may work better in open areas that do not have abrasive surfaces.  Changing blades also took longer than just using a bump to advance the line because you need to shutdown the trimmer to safely change the blade. Bright color of blades that allow seeing the cut path.
The Aero-flex was easy to install and very impressive when used. I trimmed the whole yard and never had to bump the head. It trims and edges with ease and you can mix up the blades to the job you are doing. ease of blade changes.
The blades last a lot longer than regular trimmer string.  I have several acres of grasses, brush, and weeds to keep clear.  It's a real time-saver when I don't have to constantly replace the string. Visibility of the cutting blades. I don't cut bark off trees or get too close to buildings when I trim.
I live in a beach area where we have large amounts of Beach Grass, the toughest grass you will ever try to cut. I cut about 1/4 of an acre today and found that the cuting head will cut this grass runing at half speed. I know that highway mowers will not cut this grass. If Aero-Flex wants to give this product a true test I would be glad to give product a test at the two golf clubs where I have worked several years in the equipment shops.   The ease of instillation of the cutting head and the durability of the cuter blades make it a very enjoyable tool to use.
It was easy to install, cuts grass better, not having to give more gas   Uses less gas, can see the blades lot better than string,
For my unit the change over was very simple. The unit does a very good job at cutting and maybe be a little too good. Against curbing which I have over seven Hundred feet I found that in just one Hundred feet I had wore the strips down 25 % of its length. I feel that I would use them up a lot faster than I do with the continous cutting cord I buy on 400 ft spool and cut into 2-10 ft. lengths. Good cutting ability
Very easy to install, it took about 10 minutes. Cuts heavier brush than a regular string line, and seems to hold up better. Ease of installation.  Toughness of the cutting lines.
I had a patch of Johnson Grass that covered about 12'x18' 12' high Airo Flex blades cut through it real easy without changing blades. Then finished the rest of my weed cutting with no problems. The AiroFlex blades cut around rocks and block walls without damaging the blades or walls. I am still using the same blades. I have a small WeedEater 5GT25. Long lasting blades
Does not hold up when triming around fences and planters. when used for just easy triming such as sidewalks and around trees it does as it said it will.
This product cut grass very good, and last a long time, but it does not cut weeds with 1/4" or larger stems very good. On larger weeds it bounces off.  
I think the price is to high.
Easy setup and quick change of line.
The blades were not even close to being as durable as advertised. I compared using traditional line to the Aero-Flex in the same area in the same conditions (around a raised bed bordered by landscape timbers) and found the line outlasted the Aero-Flex. Also, extended edging range is advertised, but the comparison in that respect yielded the same if not worse results, even using the "half-trigger" method they suggest. The blades are super easy to change and/or replace.
The two different blades was more than is convenient or needed. One universal doubleedged blade would be a lot better, less expensive and easier to manage. fairly simple
Easy to install and change. 
No more line to wind round and round.
Ease of adding new blades
The Aero-Flex Line Blade cuts through heavy Johnson Grass and Weeds.  I have a 5 foot deep ditch with chunks of concrete,  Johnson Grass, and weeds that has always been a problem to maintain.  The Aero-Flex Line Blades cut through this in half the time of the trimming line which I used previously. Strong cutting blade. 
Ease of Replacing worn blades.
This is an excellent product that performs as described. The blades have endurance and do not fail even with extended use.
Very easy to install. Very easy to change parts.  I have a small 26cc unit and it worked best with 2 of the 4 blades installed.  Ease in changing cutting blades.
Price wise a little high depending on how many refills you get with it. And the price of ordering refills? Theres no price list for refills? Easy to install on trimmer.
My first opportunity to use the conversion kit was after almost 3 weeks of daily rain. The grass was tall and thick. I had to adjust the speed a little higher than normal, and by slowly moving the blades into the grass, I was able to do a good job with the trimmer. I don't think I could have done it as well with the normal string cutter. It performed well against brick, concrete, and chain link fence. I also tried it as an edging tool, and it seemed to perform better than a string cutting head. Ease of installing and replacing blades.
The kit was very easy to use. Keeps going when you need it.
My biggest reason for recommending the MACH4Trimming SYSTEM by Aero-Flex is that it is a complete system for cw or ccw rotating trimmers. It is easy to install and extremely simple to replace the 4 blades in less than a minute. The blades are color coated and easily identified. However, both types of blades (CCW & CW they can also be used in combination and work quite well. I used up about 1'2" of blade in edging and tyrimming my 125'x 125' lot. my guestimate is that it will last for 3-4 times of trimming before it becomes unusable. A replacement set at their website is $3.95 for 2 sets of 4 blades. It is available at their website for $23.95. My only reservation is the  availablility of replacement blades. I have not seen them at any major store such as Lowe's or Home Depot and would hate to have to wait to have them sent by mail if I find myself without a replacement set. The Trimmer blades cut grass very cleanly and when using a slight tilt towards the leading edge of the trimmer causes the blades to cat a very clean swath without throwing the clippings all over me. It is an outstanding system unlike any other. It allows me to do the job faster and neeter than with string. The bright color and wide blade is easy to see  as a bright circle as the head rotates and it serves as a guide to accurately cut without too much contact with hard surfaces such as brick, concrete etc. which destroy the blades. This is what wears monofilament.
It is an exceptional product, versital and durable. construction and operation
I put this to the test with all different kinds of grass and high weeds, next to concrete and open field. I would have to had to change line or bump and go far more times than with this product. It is tough! Vince at Aero-Flex was great in helping me with putting the head on and went out of his way to make sure that I was happy with their product. The ease of changing the blades and their durability.
I would recommend product, to replace the spool type trimers only ease of blade replacement
It doesn't appear to wear at all. Being able to actually see it allows me to get right up to a screen enclosure without cutting right through it,unlike string line. I was having fun cutting individual blades of grass. Thats how precise you can get with it. Several. How long I'm sure it will last. Being able to see the blade for precise trimming and edging. Ease of loading the blades(you will eventually have to replace them, I guess.) lol
I have always hated changing the line in my trimmer. This product pretty well solves the issues I had in the past.In a short testing time, it was hard to determine what the life of the "blades" would be. However, the work I did was impressive. The old style line typically got tangled internaly, causing me to stop often to fix the problem.I feel this product also cut bigger weeds than I was able to do before.I also liked not having new line feeding out whenever I bumped the ground.I felt it was somewhat hard to get the cap off to load the blades, but I do have some numbness in my right hand which might affect that.The design could have been better fo those of us who are old and worn out.I hesitated on the question of value. My first thought was that it was over priced for what it was. After using it, I think it might be worth it in terms of line saved. If I weren't testing the product, I am afraid the price would scare me if I only saw it in a store.all in all, I would definitely recommend this to anyone. No line to load and fiddle with. I like having 4 cutters instead of the 2 I've always used.Sronger than traditional line.
The feature that the blades flex and can withstand chain links and other obstacles is a big plus. Having an older trimmer that will die when it runs too hot is not as much of a problem with this product since it allows the trimmer to run at lower rpm's at cooler temps. Blades ability to withstand rough terrain
I found this extremely easy to install. Somethings say they are, but this actually was. Easy to use and price.
cutting power and it lasts longer than string cutters,durability ease in changing blades,user friendly
I only have a small weedeater and it is only strong enough to use 2 blades at a time. It does real well on grass and small weeds but It doesn't work very well for heavey weeds because my weed eater is not strong enough.  
The product has a good design concept.  It was fairly user friendly and had the right combination of hardware to make it possible to install fairly quickly.  However I didn't find it to last anywhere near 50X longer or much longer than my normal line at all.  I barely made it around my home perimeter. I was definitely a tough test for it as I have a combination of cement, rock, and pavement that it came in contact with and the weeds and grass had not been trimmed for a couple of months due to rain etc.  Perhaps if I used it more I could become more sensitive and be able to use the lower throttle setting and prolong its life, but for the first couple of times it is difficult to use it much different than my normal weed eater.  I do believe it did a much better job of cutting down the woody weeds that I normally have considerable trouble with.  For the price noted above though I would not at this time see the value in recommending it.  It wasn't that much greater than the regular product I use.  They did send information for a refill of 8 lines for $3.95 and I will probably obtain them and try again just to see if experience changes my feelings.  I currently buy large spools of line due to the amount of trimming I have to do so my cost is significantly less than what they were comparing too. Cutting woody weeds better than a normal line
It does a good job on tough grass and is easy to install. Saves time. Installation and ease of replacing line cutters.
The product worked as advertised ease to replace cutting line
It has rained 20 of teh last 25 days here, so I am not sure if this product has been given a good long term test. However, it worked OK while I used it.  Without a longer term test, I cannot justify the price.  My Husqvarna uses a special string whech seems to last a lot longer than the standard green or orange string.  Right now I could ot recommend it but maybe after a longer test I could. I hope it will be the longevity, but without a longer test, I don't have a best feature.
The only problem is the blades don't last long enough  
The Aero-Flex kit works well - it's very quiet and has surprisingly good power considering the blades are so flexible.  It is also fairly quiet compared to line trummer heads. No need to run trimmer on high with Aero-Flex blades; this results in relatively quiet performance, which isn't harmful/damaging to trees.
I thought that it cut well and was easy to use.  The construction was good.  The cutters were easy to change but did not last, I thought, as long an the line cutter that came with my Echo trimmer.  Having to stop, take the head apart and add the new cutters was somewhat of a pain.  With the standard line I can fill it and use it for several times before having to fill it again.  Also not knowing the availability of the cutters or having to order them from the company would be troublesome for me. In conclution, I would just as use the conventional line trimmer head and will put it back on unless cutters are cheap and readily available by next season. I thought that the best feature was the ease of changing the cutters.
This is an excellent product abeit overpriced by $10.00--does not have info on local replacement parts suppliers. ease of installation--color code & instructions clear.
When i got the Aero-Flex and installed it. It made weed eating alot easier,especially not having to whine the line and put it together. Push in tabs place in strips and off you go.
I recommend Aero-Flex to anyone who needs a weed-eater. I love it because of the ease of use and how great it gets the job done. I used it on a high weed patch in my backyard and it did a great job. It was so easy to install and works great on everything.
While I recommend the device, you MUST make sure that the trimmer you use can handle it.  I found the Homelite I use to be underpowered for it and had to run at full speed for any work as well as just to keep th unit running as it stalled.  The unit is in good shape and is relatively new.  The Aeroflex did not break as did the regular line.  So would say with a more powerful unit it would be good. Able to use for several cuttings without having to add line
The Aero-Flex was very easy to install and use. It was easier to install than the old one was to remove. Ease of assembly and use. The blades work well with two in each direction or all four the same direction.
Quick and easy to install.  Durable, nice cutting power, a must have for anyone with a weed eater. The conversion is quick and easy
I recommend this because it does work and is easy to install and use.  I did break one right off the bat that was my fault because I hit a pipe. very easy to use and change the cutting blade.
This product was the easiest one of this type to install and use. I like the fact that you can change the blades and have different types of cutting uses.
The conversion kit provided was simple to install. Changing blade(s) or configuration was equally simple. I edged about 300 feet of driveway, curbing, and sidewalks without having to make any adjustments, or wearing out the blades. Then I cleared my garden for the winter, about 2000 ft2. All wore down equally, about 60% left. Ease of installation and use, and the reality of being able to run the trimmer engine at lower speed and still get the job done. Hard to do that when all I was used to was WIDE OPEN!
easy to install and refill durabilty
It is simple to use and does a great job. Ease of replacing filaments.
easy to install ,last a long time ease of installation
it was easy to install the kit.very good product.didn't have to change blades until the thrid time i trimmed my yard ,normaly i have to change them 3 times or 4 in day. blades are easy to change, they last a long time,trimmed my yard three times before have to change.save lots of time
It just doesn't seem to cut/trim as good as trim line. The price is too high for the performance. Sorry, but I would not sub for my current. Ease of installation
This thing is great. It is so much easier to use than the other products, that it is amazing. It just slides in place, and you are ready to go, no twisted line, or melted line to deal with, and because of the "blade" design, the debris falls away from your trimmer instead of getting wound around your trimmer. Best Feature?? The whole thing is the best feature.
It is a very good product,and if it lasts aa long while it will be excellent Esay to install
I used this product on both my Weedeater Featherlite and Weedeater GTI 15T. On the Featherlite only two blades could be used for lack of power but was covered in the directions.  This unit is excellent for trimming Grass but lacks blade durability on heavy weeds such as rag weed.  The multi edge string trimmer cuts the heavy weeds better. You can see exactly where you are cutting by the circle the blades make.  Very easy installation of unit and blades.
the the cutting power and performance is outstanding ease of blade change and the reduced power needed to cut properly. this item could be used on any electric trimmer with ease
I like this product best for heavy weed areas. It is great for open areas of grass, but be careful around brick and block areas, especially if it is a sculpted type, it can knock small pieces off. Great for heavy weeds and brush. If the blades are all the same way, it rips through 1/4 to 1/2 inch stalks, not WOOD.
cuts much better than any line no matter how thick cut anything without breaking
The product was very easy to install and changing tines was very easy also, tines seem to hold up better than string I had.  Easy to change blades
This product works very well, and changing cutting line is very simple. Cutting lines last much longer that standard trimmer line.
It only took a few minutes to convert the weed eater. I was able to cut through heavy weeds like a hot knife through butter. I love the ease in which to replace the flex line cutters. The best feature by far is the ability to see the line trace. I'm not worried about getting to close to the air conditioner or delicate plants.
was very easy to install, holds up great against cement blocks, cuts easier and faster than regular line.  The flex line was hardly damaged at all after cutting my lawn ease of installation,  lasts a lot longer than regular line
Head replacement was easy, cutting was good. Blades did not last as long as I would have preferred. Blade life may be shortened by the type of grass being cut, I was cutting heavy bahia grass. Blade cost may be an issue on heavy grasses. Used on most residential lawns the blade would probably be much better.life Ease of installation and use. The blade seems to work best at a slower speed than a string line. (Good Feature)
I worked for 8 years on a nationally recognized golf course that hosted two PGA Championships. So, perfection was a daily goal in the maintenance of the course and club grounds. I highly recomend this product to both homeowners and landscape contractors. It is very powerful and provides a clean cut even at low speeds.  The ability to see the blade edges clearly is a huge help in the prevention of scarring tree trunks, wooden posts, and house siding. It is also powerful enough to keep a sidewalk edge clean cut for months after a good deep blade cut, which saves you the time involved in using multiple pieces of equipment. This also lengthens the life of your edger blade.
It's very easy to put on the trimmer and sure beats winding the string each time I run out. No string to break or replace.
It has great cutting power  
I didn't have to change the cord as many times with this product. Easy to install. 
I trim 2.5 acres on a weekly basis, with 900' of fence, 30 trees and ~200 feet of metal edged flowerbeds. The Aero Flex does a good job when trimming the flowerbeds or pipe fences, but seems to choke my commercial grade trimmer when I get into anything moderate to heavy. I believe the blades are turning flat-side to the grass and slapping instead of cutting. Also, my trimmer, when equipped with the standard dual string, cuts an 18" swath. The Aero Flex is a much narrower setup so I have to run the engine at much higher RPMs than with the regular line. The life of the blades is somewhat short for the cost, as I can only trim my property a couple times before having to replace the blades. 

I think for the normal urban yard, the Aero Flex would do an excellent job and is all you would ever need.
Very simple to install - setup on my John Deere took less than 2 minutes. Much easier to load than winding string.
I thought this was a good idea and it assembled easily.  But, I was hoping to use it to cut down the overgrowth behind my yard.  Since the blades are so wide they throw a LOT of debris VERY fast and it HURTS when it hits your skin.  I wear safety glasses, but I was still scared to use this.  The grass and brush cut my face and welped my arms.  Also, you cannot edge with it.  My trimmer can rotate and function as an edger, but with these blades it just pulls it and you cannot control the cut. Concept.  I would probably by this at the store thinking it was a good idea.  It cuts grass well and the blades last for quite some time.
This product has both pros and cons.  The pros are ease of use.  I found that it cuts grass/weeds very well, but is not that good if you cut along concrete.  Although you are able to cut at a lower speed, thus reducing the "wear out" time, this can be hard to get used to, especially if you have used regular cutting line for years.  Also, the cutting length is too short.  It's short to begin with and when it weras down an inch on inch and a half, it's is more difficult to get used to especiall if you used to a 16 or 18 inch cutting swath.  It IS a good product for some situations. A set of lines lasts 2 weeks (cuttings) for me.  That results in a much higher cost than just buying conventional cutting line. Ease of use.
Installation was a snap.  I am very satisfied. Whole unit
The product is too expensive for its use. The feature of turning the strips from right to left to cut up or down is not necessary  and not worth the extra cost. The strips are heavy and durable, more than the average ones.
Easy change out. Cuts great, easy blade change Blade change
These are much quicker and easier to load than string or the blades.  Good job you guys. The blades are very easy to load.
Yes I would recommend this product if the price were lower. Easy to install.
The product performed as described. I was very surprised at how well it cut the grass around hard objects and tall grass at a much lower RPM than normal. Ease of changing the blades.
the aero-flex was ez to change very durabil the blades have out lasted any line that i've used cutting power at low speed is great. I would recommend this product. easy to change trimmer head,durability of blades
I enjoyed the quietness when using the weedeater with the Aero-Flex head. It did an excellent job trimming around the gardens and fences. When using it to edge it started wearing down quicker than when trimming. The only negative feature is that when the lines get short you have to replace them all whereas when you have wound line you only have to replace it when you reach the end. There is a little more waste with this system. Quietness and running the weedeater at 1/2 to 1/4 speed.
Very easy to convert from old spool. Quick and easy to install/change blades. Good cutting power. Easy to install or replace cutting blades.
Durability and ease of replacement if any of the blades get damaged Durability,ease of replament,light weight which make the trimer run better and balanced, cut better than regular line at lower speed.
Cuts through the thickest grass/weeds small brush. Cutting power
I own a Stihl FS74 Trimmer with an auto-feed .095 line cutting head. I can trim around my property 4-5 times on one fill. I could not trim around my property one time with the product provided. These blades were totally worn out before completion of about 75% of the first pass. This product lives up to all standards depicted by the manufacturer except one.  This would be durability of the blades. They say their product will last up to 50x longer that regular trimmer line.  Based on my recent experience I would have to dispute that claim. -Lower engine operating speed saves fuel and wear on engine. -Neon color of blades make cutting area of blade visible during operation. 
-The design of the blades make it easier to control the angle of the cut during trimming. -The head and blades are easily installed and removed or replaced.
works really well on course grass and weed stalks,  works ok on grass alone super cutting ability, better cuts at low RPMs
I was impressed by the cutting capacity of this product.  It out performed every other product of this type that I have used; and that is a lot of useless stuff.  The Aero-Flex system gets my hearty endorsement.  I use an Echo 200 DBA trimmer and cut heavy weeds for over 4 hours without changing blades and refueled only once. Durability.  Cutting ease. 
Easy to install. Last longer than string. Cuts more like a lawnmower blade. Ease of installation.
When used as directed (low speed) it tore my grass leaving it ragged.  I sped it up but it didn't last nearly as long.  Kinda a catch-22; using it fast uses the blades faster resulting in possible higher cost of replacement.  I used it for trimming grass against wood fencing and a short section of chain link.  I got 2 trimmings in on a set of blades vs. about the same (1 spool) of regular line.  Over a summer of use (at least once a week) I think I would spend too much on blades to make it really cost effective.  It is convenient though. Quick change ability, blades go in super easy and quick.
Once I learned to reduce the speed, the cutting ability and life of blades far out performed all the other competitors. Reduced speed required, longer blade life, gas savings.
Not as easy to install as some I've used. The blades last better than most.
The instructions for installing the new head cover many brands, however the Craftsman brand is not covered. It took me about 45 minutes to figure out how to install the unit.  Once installed, it is very easy to use. It cuts very well and lasts a long time. I cut Bermuda grass, Johnson grass, and thistle weeds that were over 4' tall. It cut everything very well without damaging the trees. Easy to install replacement blades; long life of blades. I ran the unit for about one and a half hours without any problem. The four blades finally wore out. I have one acre of land, with a pecan orchard and 50 popular trees used as a wind-break. The unit cleared all the grass around the trees without damaging the trees.
The installation of the conversion kit was very simple.  The instructions were well written and easy to follow.  My main concern would be finding replacement lines for it. Performs very well and the cutters are pretty durable.
This product will be a nice convienience for the average user with a normal lawn, however for rural and commercial users the durability of the cutting head will come into question as well as the cost of replacement blades versus a spool of bulk line. The suggested retail is pricy should be around $10-15 depending on how many sets of blades are packaged with the unit. Four cutting surfaces and visibility of cutting edges.
cuts better at low power, can see the cutters for precision cutting color
I would recommend this product for ease of use and design, which makes re-loading easier and faster. However, I would not give it particularly high ratings for durability, unless it is used only in open grass and around trees. For cutting ivy and heavy weeds along a wire fence, I found the line blades even more prone to snag than line, which would slip through without cutting or even break, rather than get tangled up in the ivy vines and roots. Ease of use and (re-)loading. Good cutting performance in open grass and around trees at lower speeds, but along wire fencing, durability is no better than .130 (black) or even .105 (red) diameter line, but at a much higher cost.
Could be a little more durable. 
And from what you said above, its a little pricey.
Changes quickly, this is a nice feature.