Aero-Flex® Universal Replacement Head Kit with Glider

Includes Universal Kit Plus Glider Up Fit Kit

Aero-Flex® trimming system is simple and easy to reload. The Aero-Flex® line blades are designed to simply snap into place. No spools, springs, rewinding, rethreading or snarls. Reload by alternating orange and yellow line blades. Aero-Flex® Line Blades are aero-dynamically designed and engineered to perform best at low RPM. Use as recommended for longer line blade life. The Aero-Flex® Line Blade is designed into an aerodynamic shape (much like an airplane wing). It’s shape allows for greater efficiency of air (low drag) and thus added power and energy to the cut. The AF trimming system when combined with the new Aero-Flex Glider creates a small plot mower. The 360 ° all direction, movement allows the trimmer to move along all slopes and all contours. The Glider rests directly on the ground relieving the operator of the trimmer weight and reduces fatigue. The Glider attachment snaps directly onto the Aero-Flex Trimming system.

Also available on Lowes!

This system includes:

Aero-Flex long arbor head, Aero-Flex short arbor head, cap, 12 Aero-Flex .240 line blades, fasteners, owners/instruction manual and assembled Glider. Detailed instructions and Video Instructions are available on our web site.

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