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Aero-Flex® Glider

Aero-Flex® Glider

The Aero-Flex® Advantage!

Rests Trimmer on the Ground

With the Aero-Flex Glider, rest the trimmer on the ground and relieve trimmer weight and fatigue. The Glider rotates independently from the head and its bearings allow 360 degree movement on all slopes and contours.

Creates Contour/Rotary Mower

The Aero-Flex Glider attachment makes a perfect trimming and mowing tool for small residential plots, or where precision contour mowing is commercially required (golf courses, cemeteries, fences and posts, roadways and walkways). It enables new mowing techniques where specialty mowers or handheld trimmers can’t effectively or safely perform

Reduces Scalping/
Glides without Friction

Level and controlled cutting are possible with the Glider. Resting the height-controlled trimmer on the ground coupled with the precision bearings, reduce scalping giving better efficiency and control back to the operator.

360° Movement- All Slopes, All Directions

The Aero-Flex Glider System is engineered with precision bearings, allowing the operator to ‘free wheel’ or glide the multi-use tool (without skidding) on the grass surface by isolating the rotating head from ground contact. Bearings within the design eliminate the undesirable loss of control, as well as head abrasion wear, from ground contact.

Reaches Where Other Mowers Can’t

The Glider’s height control, precision bearings and the highly visible Aero-Flex Line Blades allow precise trimming where most mowers can’t go! Under benches, close to fence posts, near and around delicate flowers and shrubs and on steep slopes are all in the operator’s command with the Aero-Flex Glider.