Line Blades

Aerodynamic, Flexible Line Blades
Designed with You in Mind.

The Aero-Sharp® Generation II Line Blade

A whole new cutting shape and technology for a whole new trimmer. The patented Aero-Sharp® Line Blade is engineered to lift grass and increase grass-cut work done per battery charge. Aero-Flex® Line Blades are molded with strength and mass. They lift grass and cut-no folding back. This video shows the dynamic performance difference between string and an Aero-Flex® Line blade. New battery powered string trimmers do not have sustainable power to pull string through grass and cut. Get your work done with Aero-Flex® Trimming Systems.


Aero-Flex® trimming system is simple and easy to reload. The Aero-Flex® line blades are designed to simply snap into place. No spools, springs, rewinding, rethreading or snarls. Reload by alternating orange and yellow line blades. These are engineered to run at low RPM so these will last longer if used as recommended. Aero-Flex® Line Blades are aero-dynamic and engineered to run at low RPM. Use as recommended for longer line blade life.


Unlike weak, traditional monofilament line, the Aero-Flex® Line Blades are formulated with patented materials and molded with a strong impact hinge at the outlet for a non-interrupted, more pleasant trimming experience. Aero-dynamically designed, Aero-Flex® Line Blades are flexible, absorb forces better (chain link fences) and use air to the benefit of the user.


The Aero-Flex® Line Blade is designed and molded into an aerodynamic shape (much like an airplane wing). It’s shape allows for greater efficiency of air (low drag) and thus added power and energy to the cut. Four high mass cutters enable the blades to cut at lower speeds. Lower speed cutting saves line blade wear. Strong molded impact hinge means the line blades can withstand fences and other brutal forces and they won’t wrap around chain link fences or snap off as a result.


Traditional monofilament line only cuts grass and weeds at a single location, the Aero-Flex® Line Blades though cut and mulch through their patented technology. The dual Line Blades work together in this to provide a finer end product that improves the look and the quality of your trimming jobs!


Brightly colored line blades are highly visible allowing operator to stay away from delicate trees, flowers and shrubs.