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Aero-Flex® Technology Advances Trimmer Performance

Scientifically Engineered for Superior Design and Value!


Aero-Flex Engineers have developed a new way to efficiently cut vegetation without overstressing the equipment being used while providing a significantly more efficient trimming process. The high-tech Aero-Flex® System is scientifically consistent with the basic laws of Engineering with some of the formulas involved on this page.

Aerodynamically streamlined – More power!

  • Low air drag coefficient – tear drop (low drag) efficiency
  • Reduces friction and drag through grass
  • Requires less than ½ power

Major power improvement – Does more work even at lower speeds!

  • Higher mass – more cutters
  • Higher kinetic energy in line blades
  • Concentrated delivery into vegetation Improved ergonomics
  • Lower noise (200% drop)
  • Symmetrically balanced – very smooth and comfortable (low vibration)

Strong blade-like structure with flexible hinge!

  • Delivers more torque
  • Cuts at lower RPM

Higher centrifugal force!

  • Higher line blade mass creates higher centrifugal force combined with a better blade-like structure creates a stronger cutting mechanism.
  • Aero-Flex® line blades can achieve the same or greater centrifugal force as conventional lines but at much lower speeds

higher_mass_formula Higher mass/higher kinetic Energy/lower drag


Higher line blade mass creates higher line blade power.


Higher Centrifugal Force Better Structure


Low Stress Design


Kinetic energy density (KED) is 8x greater

Slices through heavy vegetation conventional line cannot begin to cut.


High efficiency, durability, reliability, simplicity, low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption, low emissions, power cutting, cutting quality, precision, high energy, high torque, low speed capabilities, low drag

High kinetic energy concentration slices through heavier vegetation with ease!

  • Greater number of line blades Higher line blade mass creates greater line blade power
  • Sharper leading edge radius concentrates the higher forces, breaks down vegetation fibers easier
  • Kinetic energy density is 8x greater
  • Slices heavy vegetation conventional line cannot begin to cut
  • Materials – high grade nylon co-polymers and new compounds without need of moisture
  • Manufacturing processes – conventional molding systems for high production volumes

Low stress design at key locations reduces breakage

  • At outlet:
    • Large surface areas absorb high forces Large outlet radius
    • Stress levels greatly reduced Impact release hinge – cushion impacts – a flexible living hinge

  • Larger areas absorb force thus reducing operating stresses (extends life)

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