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Universal Trimmer Upgrade Kit Owners Manual

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Glider Owners Manual

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Universal Kit Owners Manual (Legacy)

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Pro Tip: Line Blade Care

Aero-Flex® Line Blades are best kept stored away from direct sunlight or extreme heat conditions. If possible, store in original packaging to keep from bending or warping.

Aero-Flex® Fits Most Popular Brands!

Our system is designed to fit virtually all trimmer models. Double check your trimmer’s compatibility and watch tailored instructional videos here and in our manufacturer's table below.

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Black Bump Head Conversion



Frequently Asked Questions



Is it easy to convert?

A full array of components are available to select the proper parts for your trimmer. The degree of difficulty in conversion is relatively simple especially when you follow the detailed directions provided by Aero-Flex® Technologies, Inc.

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Why are there orange and yellow line blades?

There are some trimmer heads that turn clockwise and some turn counterclockwise. For maximum aerodynamic efficiency, the rounded edge of Aero-Flex® line blade leads into the cut so as to gain the low drag aerodynamic advantage.

Orange line blades are for counterclockwise while yellow are for clockwise rotation and they are intended to cut on the leading blunt side to best realize the scientific streamlining.

The specific colors of orange and yellow were selected because they are most capable of reflecting light back to the operator. This provides a helpful control when you can see the visible line blade plane.

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