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Aero-Flex® Technology Advances Trimmer Performance

Scientifically Engineered for Superior Design and Value!

The Aero-Flex® Advantage

Aerodynamically streamlined for More power!

Higher mass/higher kinetic Energy/lower drag

  • Low air drag coefficient – tear drop (low drag) efficiency

  • Reduces friction and drag through grass

  • Requires less than ½ power


Major power improvement – Does more work even at lower speeds!

Higher line blade mass creates higher line blade power.

  • Higher mass – more cutters
  • Higher kinetic energy in line blades
  • Concentrated delivery into vegetation Improved ergonomics
  • Lower noise (200% drop)
  • Symmetrically balanced – very smooth and comfortable (low vibration)

Low stress design at key locations reduces breakage

Low Stress Design

  • Large surface areas absorb high forces
  • Large outlet radius
  • Stress levels greatly reduced
  • Impact release hinge – cushions impacts – a flexible living hinge
  • Larger areas absorb force thus reducing operating stresses (extends life)


High kinetic energy concentration slices through heavier vegetation with ease

Kinetic energy density (KED) is 8x greater - Slices through heavy vegetation conventional line cannot begin to cut.

  • Greater number of line blades Higher line blade mass creates greater line blade power
  • Sharper leading edge radius concentrates the higher forces, breaks down vegetation fibers easier
  • Kinetic energy density is 8x greater
  • Slices heavy vegetation conventional line cannot begin to cut
  • Materials – high grade nylon co-polymers and new compounds without need of moisture
  • Manufacturing processes – conventional molding systems for high production volumes

strong blade-like structure – with flexible hinge

  • Delivers more torque

  • Cuts at lower RPM


Higher centrifugal force

Higher Centrifugal Force
Better Structure

  • Higher line blade mass creates higher centrifugal force combined with a better blade-like structure creates a stronger cutting mechanism.        
  • Aero-Flex® line blades can achieve the same or greater centrifugal force as conventional lines but at much lower speeds.

Aero-Flex® Trimming Systems in "Popular Mechanics"