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Fits virtually all gas trimmer brands.

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Fits the following Black & Decker and Craftsman battery trimmers, BCASK890E1, BEST935, BESTA510, BESTA512, BESTE620, CST1000, CST1100, CST1200, CST2000, GH400, GH500, GH600, GH610, GH900, GH912, LCC140, LCC221, LCC222, LCC2223ZP, LCC340C, LST1018, LST120, LST126, LST136B, LST140, LST140C, LST201, LST220, LST300, LST400, LST420, LST522, LSTE522, LSTE523, LSTE523, MTC220, MTE912, NST1018, NST1024, NST1118, NST1810, NST2018, NST2118, PS76110A, ST6600, ST7000, ST7200, ST7700, ST7701, ST8600, ST9000,


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Fits most Ryobi spool replacement battery trimmers. See enclosed list.


RYOBI TRIMMER MODELS: OLT1825, OLT1825M, OLT1831, OLT1831H, OLT1831S OLT1832, P2000, P2001, P2002, P2003, P2004, P2005, P2006, P2006A, P2200, RLT1825, RLT1830, RLT1831, RLT183115, RLT183125, RLT18313, RLT183213, RLT183220, RLT183225, RLT2925, RY40001, RY40021, RY400220, RY40200, RY40201, RY40204, RY40210, RY40210A, ZRP2080

No More Tangles

Faster Fixes. No more time wasted rewinding and rethreading traditional trimmer line. Snap on our replacement Line Blades in 15 seconds for a seamless, stress-free (and tangle-free) job. Guaranteed.

“I have been using this for years now. Never had any problems. Unlike regular string trimmers which have many problems. These make trimming faster, easier, and get better looking results. Love these and have recommended them to many people who also love them. Everyone who tries it swears by it.” - Samual

Replacement Blades

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Give Your Current Trimmer New Life

Our Universal Trimmer Upgrade Kit is engineered for superior design and value. This trifecta of ingenious upgrades includes the Aero-Flex® Arbor Head, Line Blades, and Glider attachment that all snap easily together, and fit virtually all gas-powered and electric trimmers.

*Glider included with Premium Universal Trimmer Upgrade Kit only.

“Comes with everything you need to make the conversion. Heavy duty, solid construction, appears to be very durable. Time will tell how long it will last but it appears well built and easy to install and use. Came shipped to my door. I highly recommend this product.” - Bondo

Way More Power

Double Duty. Specifically engineered to cut more grass per rotation, the Aero-Flex® system has twice the blades as traditional trimmer heads, hitting and cutting vegetation more frequently on each revolution so you can get more done in less time, with less effort.

“I was given this kit as a gift and I cannot say enough about it. The blades are very durable and the instal was very easy. I have noticed my gas powered trimmer uses less fuel than it did before and cuts nicely at the lowest speed. I will never go back to a string weed eater system again.” - James

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Compatible Brands

Our system is designed to fit virtually all trimmer models. Double check your trimmer’s compatibility here.

Installation Guides

Downloadable, detailed instruction manuals and visual guides to make install a breeze.

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